Early Orthodontics Near You

Early orthodontics treatment is not just about enhancing a child’s smile; it extends to crucial aspects of orthodontic health that impact speech, chewing, breathing, swallowing, and oral hygiene. The American Association of Orthodontists advises the first orthodontic visit by age 7 when children typically have a mix of baby and adult teeth. This facilitates easier diagnosis and early intervention, potentially reducing the need for surgical procedures or tooth extraction.

early orthodontics in santa clarita

What to Expect at Smile Republic Orthodontics

Commencing early orthodontic treatment near you enables Dr. Michael Hoang to address various issues, including mouth or sleep-related breathing problems, persistent finger or thumb sucking habits, tongue thrusting, crowded or misplaced teeth, grinding, chewing difficulties, narrow jaws affecting speech or breathing, and abnormal teeth alignment. Additionally, it addresses jaws that make sounds when opening and closing, disproportionate teeth and jaws, and misaligned front teeth.

Your Child’s Overall Health is Important

Maintaining overall oral health during treatment is crucial, as patients with braces or orthodontic appliances require extra effort for dental care. Regular check-ups with a family dentist every six months are recommended to ensure optimal dental health.

Addressing potential concerns, the content clarifies that early orthodontics in Santa Clarita can correct significant issues, prevent severe problems, and simplify future treatment. While a comprehensive phase of treatment with full braces (Phase II) during the teen years may be necessary, some cases may not require further orthodontic intervention after Phase 1 therapy.

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Dr. Michael Hoang and the team at Smile Republic Orthodontics provide compassionate early orthodontic care, offering parents comprehensive education to make informed decisions about their children’s oral health. For more information, interested individuals are encouraged to reach out to learn more or request a consultation with our Santa Clarita orthodontist today.