Gummy Smile Treatment Near You

Ever wonder why your gums take center stage when you flash those pearly whites? That’s what we call a “gummy smile” or the more formal “excessive gingival display,” where at least 2 mm of extra gum tissue steals the spotlight.

gummy smile treatment in santa clarita

Explore the Gummy Smile Spectrum

Gummy smiles come in different classifications – four, to be precise:

  1. Anterior: Extra gum above the front teeth steals the limelight.
  2. Posterior: Back teeth join the gummy party in the upper jaw.
  3. Mixed: The front and back teeth both get their moment in the gummy glow.
  4. Asymmetric: It’s a one-sided affair, with excess gum tissue on the upper jaw stealing the show.

Treatment Avenues for a Gummy Smile in Santa Clarita

  • Braces or Clear Aligners: Perfect for minor cases, they shift teeth and correct bites, reducing gum exposure.
  • TADs (Titanium Anchorage Devices): Tiny implants go big in fixing severe gummy smiles during orthodontic treatment.
  • Gingivectomy: A moderate and painless procedure to reshape excess gums, creating a harmonious gum-to-tooth ratio.
  • Crown Lengthening: Slice, reshape, reveal – a quick hour-long procedure to uncover the full glory of your teeth.
  • Lip or Jaw Surgery: For serious cases, jaw surgery is the hero, recontouring and securing the upper jaw for a lasting transformation.

Your Smile Destiny Awaits

Each smile has its own unique story, and with the right treatment, expect nothing short of exceptional results. We encourage you to request an appointment with our orthodontist in Santa Clarita at our office to determine if you are a candidate for gummy smile treatment near you in Santa Clarita & Valencia, CA. We look forward to treating your smile!